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    Anything Goes! Mini Snowmobile

    Love the build and your shop looks like something I would pay an admission fee for a tour.
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    Anything Goes! FM71 2019 chopper

    Sorry haven't posted in about a month -sort of lost some of my mojo but after last week's snow storm, I'm more motivated this week with Spring in the air and 50 to 60 degree temps. Happy Easter! and below are some pics of setting up the rear chains and making some axle mounts. Still haven't...
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    Anything Goes! FM71 2019 chopper

    I made a little more progress on the front end area. As I anticipated, this has been the most challenging for me with the hardest part being maintaining symmetry while setting and tack welding the sections in. With everything in its proper place and measured for symmetry, my next step will be...
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    1969 Taco 44 Magnum

    really liking the café racer styling.
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    Anything Goes! FM71 2019 chopper

    Going ahead with the springer style front end. Started making the triple trees but didn't get much farther than this. I have the middle piece still to make for the spring mount and need to cut and contour the upper and lower piece to go around the springs and neck tube.
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    Nice project and well equipped shop! You make good use of your space.
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    Built two bikes in one night.

    Here's one I did a couple years back.
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    Anything Goes! FM71 2019 chopper

    Looks like everyone is making good progress so thought I would post a quick update. I put a jackshaft together and massaged the drum brake lever a little in order to get it in alignment with the cable and frame rail. Also played around a little with some mockups in order to make sure my...
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    Lil Indian 400

    Nice looking build and that engine is a masterpiece!
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    Anything Goes! FM71 2019 chopper

    Placed a couple braces between the upper and lower rails and started to weld in the neck area but need to come back to this later after I warm up a little. Most likely will require some body filler if I can't blend the weld passes in better. Will post more updates towards the end of the week...
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    Anything Goes! FM71 2019 chopper

    Thanks Chipper, they make quick work of setting up and can be easily moved when you're mocking up designs. I Put the rear wheel halves together and mocked it up in the frame. Still need to adjust the jackshaft setup and make the mounts for it and the rear axle. Will be adding some cross...
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    Started to clean and organize

    I needed to organize as well because I keep buying duplicates and triplicates of stuff I already had but forgot about. I need to do something like dragracer above did since most of the stuff I'm referring to is small parts and fasteners. I must have 100 or more bearings and my metal/tube stock...
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    Anything Goes! FM71 2019 chopper

    Day 1 of my build. Laid out the frame pieces, bent and tacked up on a jig/work station. Proportions are not coming out as my original drawing showed but like all things, I'm just going to roll with it and let the build take on its own personality. I had to raise up the neck area in order to...
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    Anything Goes! Scratch built Harrison

    Looking good, mrpat!
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    Anything Goes! Another Dutch minibike build from scratch.

    Very nice design and well thought out. What software are you using?