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  1. Sprocket86

    Vintage Fat tire rolling chassis.

    Hi there. I’ve had the desire to add a fat tire mini bike to my fleet. Looking for a vintage fat tire roller to start a build with. El Burro, Wards 777, Heald super Bronc, Terra Cat, Trapper, Terra Torque etc. I am from SW Ontario Canada and ideally I would like to travel to the Neighbouring...
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  8. M

    Trail Buck by Pacesetter wanted

    I hope to end up with two minibikes. I currently have an El Burro that is very nice and a also nice Manco Big Cat. The Big Cat is what I am most willing to let go. The one I want to find is a Trail Buck by Pacesetter. I rode one back in the 70's and was impressed with it. My cousin had it and...
  9. M

    Large Minibike El Burro 8 HP B/S I/C Electric Start Beautiful New Seat Rare

    You are looking at an El Burro minibike. It was made in Michigan, I assume back in the 70's. I got it from the son of the original owner at Thanksgiving time. It had an 8 HP Briggs engine that had been converted to rope start and that seemed a little tired. I removed that and installed a very...
  10. yankee-bears

    EL BURRO replacement wheel hubs

    Made the front and rear hubs to mount 4inch pattern 4 bolt wheels on my El Burro . Sold the bike with the bad original tires on it and kept these . Have everything here but the rear axle to mount to your El Burro . Made for center off set wheels . Has a new 40 chain 48 tooth sprocket . $150.00...
  11. yankee-bears

    El Burro Torque 5

    Complete El Burro Torque 5 that has been repainted and seat covered over . Tires leaked air ,so I made new hub assemblies and bought new Carlisle 101 tires for it [ paid $300.00 for them] . Everything works and new belt with chains put on . Will sell with old tires on it for $450.00 . With new...
  12. yankee-bears

    El burro decal set

    Need El Burro Torque 5 decal set . The 2 for the chain guard and serial number decal for the engine plate . I finally finished getting the wheel and tire issue done . Got tired of trying to get 2 good floatation chevron tires . I will restore the bike if I can get a decal set .
  13. M

    Cat Handlebars

    Cat handlebars, slightly tweaked. $20.00 plus shipping.
  14. M

    FS/TRADE 1971 "El Burro" Sand N' Sno Bike

    Going to move a few that don't/won't get ridden. Probably the finest example in existence. Purchased new by a Rhode Island machine shop/snowmobile dealership in 1970 and ridden for 5 minutes, then stored away for 30+ years. When it was found in 2003, black soot covered the whole bike which...
  15. S

    El Burro Sand N Sno Torque 5

    Sadly its time to part with a couple of my bikes. This Torque 5 is all original except it's missing the brake handle, cable, and caliper that grabs the engine brake (see last photo). It is a beast! I took a picture of it next to my Boonie bike to give you a perspective of it's size. It really...
  16. shanerides

    MI El Burro 8hp for sale

    I have this El Burro for sale. It turned out to be a bit more work than I wanted. I got it to "run" but it needs some tuning to get it going well. It seems to be original and the seat is not torn at all. The back tire is dry rotted with cracks and will not hold air for more than 5 min. The...