1970 Rupp Parts

All of these parts are from a 1970 Rupp Enduro all prices DO NOT include shipping pm me with your shipping info so I can get a shipping quote for you. I will entertain offers on all parts. Located in Petaluma Ca 94952

First up are a set of complete wheels, tires, and brakes. The tires are originals but I’m rough shape. The wheels have rust but mostly surface no rot holes they would probably clean up good and then you could rechrome them. Brakes are good one has a broken brake cable stop. Price for the pair is $250
470F4E82-47A8-43B3-8FA6-953BDEB7F0D1.jpeg 470F4E82-47A8-43B3-8FA6-953BDEB7F0D1.jpeg 358892A0-A1FF-4DBC-8D99-5BD4CF7BC499.jpeg 0333FE31-778E-4F2E-8E73-ACA002BACC43.jpeg

Next up is a set of forks. Good shape small bend in triple tree that can be straightened easily. $100
27E513F1-0B94-4E4D-A6F7-E271192E85FC.jpeg EB082A73-74DD-4AAB-B152-249C5D81A8B3.jpeg


Pair of fenders one has a small crack see pictures for more details.$100
725CE9BD-C0EF-4CA7-AD79-380D07D32DF2.jpeg C2CE4DCA-F6FB-4D39-AD4D-9918EAA7CDE4.jpeg 866ED738-69AA-46A0-B65E-486FB0E4B9ED.jpeg

Next is a pair of rear shocks. $50
Lastly what I believe is a original hand throttle assembly with the kill switch built in. Looks like there is a bracket that is broken off not sure what it was for see pics for more details. $20

61CF4AAB-D4A3-4B80-8259-AE63CD024068.jpeg 3E394850-C7FF-4602-A895-1E6A174FA27C.jpeg