Bonanza BC1200 project w/many new parts for sale

Selling complete project. $500

Bonanza BC1200 Frame & forks (blue)
- 1 peg mount broke
- new trailing arm bushings
- new upper shock mounts included if rust on current ones bother you.
- orig (blue) fork the lowers are rusted in place
- second fork (black) complete with lowers in good shape.
- 2 new sets of chrome fenders
- new cherry brake levers
- 1 set of new sebaco moped shocks. Was told would not support my weight.
- 1 set of new chrome shocks after a lot of research that will work well for guys 200-250+.
- original shocks
- 1 set of custom chrome foot pegs if I fixed the mount on one side.
- 1 set of motorcycle pegs to screw into aluminum bar(threaded ends) if I went that route and decided to remove orig pegs and then welded bar in place.
- 3 new throttle assemblies
- 2 new throttle cables
- new wheel bearings
- 2 kickstands
- low hour original TAV2 30 Asymmetric
- set of (4) Astro wheels with Carlisle tires in new condition
- 1 new full sprocket
- 1 new Rocket sprocket qualifier series 74 for #35 chain
- very low hour complete Tecumseh 3.5 power sport engine (cracked case)
- replacement crankcase included to repair Tecumseh 3.5 Powersport

Engine and TAV were used for couple years sparingly ....then crankcase cracked. Sat in neighbors shed since 1993 until I got it a few years ago. Motor/TAV originally on an Azusa frame which I sold bc it was too small.

Any interest let me know.

Long Island, NY
Cell (516) 578-1828


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LOL. Willing to meet someone near any of the bridge crossings as long as paid for prior. (Verrazano, George Washington Bridge or Throgs Neck bridge). Not going to make the effort to help out only to get haggled upon meet up.

Had a still in crate NOS Rapter III I was going to use on her but sold it a year ago for 2.5x what I paid. Was planning then on putting the Tecumseh Powersport together with replacement case for the build. One with cracked case has very low hrs.

kids keeping me busy …
Ipad died while filling out above post. Planned on building this mini as a pit bike while at the track with my classic car. Go with friends and each trip to starting line is a 15 minute walk. Gets tiring. Now at 56yo, 6’6” tall and 300# reality has struck …… we have not been to the track in years! Plus, the additional cost $$ of a rainbow wig and red clown nose is also a deterrent. I will simply look cartoonish.

Any questions feel free to call. Number listed above.
Just bringing to the top. Hoping to find some interested parties. Willing to meet near a bridge crossing for anyone interested.
Dan (516) 578-1828. NY cell
Bringing to the top. Member fell off the face of the earth. Got side tracked last year and never revisited the minibike stuff.

I will never get to this project & likely have more stuff not listed. Hoping someone here can put these parts to good use.
Complete part list above plus likely more once I start digging.
I need to make room in my garage.

Long Island, NY
Cell (516) 578-1828
Any interest…. offers? Contact info above.
Have everything above plus likely some other miscellaneous stuff. Never going to build this. Son now 6’1” and still growing and I am playing more with my classic car in photo to left.