gilson/monkey wards YELLOW foot peg FOR TRADE

<EDIT> this is now free if you have a gilson<EDIT>

Heres the deal, I have one OE footpeg with the correct rubber in good shape off my yellow MW 424. There are a ton of you guys that like your barn find bikes and since I'm doing a restro (paint and replacing the rubber) I'd rather see this go to a good home on one of those. The peg is crusty and shows it's been used. I would like to trade straight across for just a bare peg or one that the rubber is shot on I can cut off. Not looking for something so rusty I might as well just make my own and sell this one. Matter of fact if you want to make an exact repop of the metal peg and trade it, thats fine. You ship yours and I'll ship this one, not looking to make any money off this just give a survivor part a good home.

This offer good until I make a deal or this part is holding up the restoration.

I'll try to get better pics when my phone is charged. (they are posted) The part is removed and was only scrubbed with some grease cutting soap.

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You want this one I have for your bike? If not I'll change this to free to whom ever can prove to me they have a barn find they are just cleaning up and keeping.
Negative, pass it along. I have two spares that I don't need. Just let me know where to ship it to you at.
[MENTION=1]Hent[/MENTION] can you please change the title to claim if needed?

Ok so thanks to KMC 3420 this is now a freebie, all you have to do is prove with a picture with your user name written on a piece of paper you have a barn find MW 424 you are wanting to fix up but keeping barn find. I guess if you have a different model MW, a gilson, or a allis and don't mind a different color then go ahead and prove it. first come first serve.

Like I said this is in good used condition, but nowhere near show.

I've tried to give as many pictures of a round object as I can and focus in on the bad spots. If nobody wants it in 4 weeks I would like to mail it around to all of us gilson owners with a silver sharpie for us to sign and hang in my shop if ya'll don't mind but would really like to see it go to somebody that use it. I do not want to see somebody claim to need it and find it on ebay.
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I'll trade you mine without the rubber and you'll still have one to get signed. Send me a PM with an address and I'll have it heading your way next week. I'll also throw in a few bucks to cover your side of shipping costs.

Here's the other side, it's peg is good. I have the original 4hp engine but the crank is snapped off on the ignition side. I stuck this 3hp Edger motor on it to ride.