K&S Hornet/roadrunner Vplex good belt size or number???


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Working on getting the barn find Roadrunner back on the road, there is a belt on it, worn and maybe a little long. wondering if anyone has found a good replacement belt to use for them? I did a search, no luck, I did print out the Vplex sheet from mini doodle that delray posted up years ago showing some belt info (just not a length or part number though)



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I used a Comet one on mine, I believe it was either a #200420 or a #200421. I can look to be sure later today. I think either will work since the engine mounts are adjustable. These are the belts for the old Comet TC88 series and are 5/8 symmetrical.


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Thank you Kerry, Just went through the engine and when I shoehorn it back into the frame (its a model 90) I'll take some center to center measurements and see what length will work the best off the comet charts on there. :thumbsup: