Tecumseh HS40 or HS50 Flywheel wanted!

Im looking for a HS40 or HS50 Flywheel. Diecast with plastic fins. w/out gears for the starter. Fins can be rough. That's ok. Let me know what you have.


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I have several Hs50 flywheels here. Just trying to make it easier to ID what the OP is asking for.
Sorry for the confusion
Nah, I was asking...I wasn't sure about that early 80s points version. Think I got it confused with the HM flywheels, they lost the plastic fins at that point.
Thanks guys.... I found one. This flywheel is actually kinda rare... in the HS40 and HS50 size 1/2" taper I believe. What makes these special is these were on recreational very late 70's to mid 80's Tecumseh engines. Or as what I like to call mini bike specific engine. No light coil. I'm rebuilding a motor and this fly wheel is needed to make the motor period correct again. Thanks for help. 20211211_155120.jpg