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it look like it missing cylinder and head on the pred so hang a chicken there
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so what is this bike call i was cleaning the bike and found make in italy on brake wear cable hook up can you pic
Most of the 10" to 16" wheels and brakes were made by Grimeca in Italy. Not sure what you want a photo of. Your question was a little incoherent.
Can you be more specific.
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I bought the tree cutters the Tecumseh repair manual states in a proper valve job. also there factory ream for 1-32 oversized guides valve for worn valve guides. Tecumseh made and sold sold them . the case and pilots were purchased from them at the same time. 60 degree 111.131 degree 115. 46 degree 110.
Hi not jumping on your post,The last I heard from Sam is that he is done for a while and No longer burnishing any more parts as of April -1-2022
Hi Sam, I have some plastic parts that have been media blasted clean. Will your machine make the plastic shine again? Thanks JTG
Hi John, I am new to the forum and understand you have made springs for Tecumseh kick-starters. I purchased a kick starter that was supposed to be NOS, but quickly discovered it was missing three parts: 23, 24 and 25. I believe I can find parts 24 and 25 but the spring P/N 590507 Spring, Dog is the difficult one. Do you have one of these by chance? Or could I hire you to make one? Please let me know. Thanks!