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OND, I have a Lil' Indian 7000 A. I need the primary clutch and cover (shield). Do you know where I can find them?
Jim , does your 7000 have a two speed clutch system ? Also are you talking about the clutch / chain cover ?
Hello, My name is Rob Young located in Alabama. I'm a new member that just Joined this morning.
I'm a International Harvester collector of tractors, trucks and Scouts. I've been searching for one of the Scout Go Karts and was wondering is anyone out there may know of one that could be bought? Any leads would be appreciated.
Charles S
Charles S
Hello and welcome, Rob! I doubt many members will see your profile post. I suggest posting an introduction in Off Topic Discussion and a want ad in the Wanted section. I found an old thread (2012) by member @markus about him acquiring a Scout kart. You could contact him to see if he still has it or can provide a lead to one. I imagine those are quite rare, good luck. If it ain't red, leave it in the shed!
Charles S
Charles S
I may have one. Mine is silver, I can take pics and send them to you. I bought it for another project but I didn't use it. I did fire it and it does run but that is all I know. I got it from a member here.
Trying to build a project on a budget ( my problem, not yours) but any interest in selling the 6" Mancos for $40 shipped slow to 32931.
Going to pick up a speedway this weekend 71 shrike stage 2
Ding Ding
Ding Ding
Those Shrike stage 2's are cool bikes. My buddy has one. Love the number plate bikes!
Hi Diggers,

I'm on a hunt for a part for a lil indian. I've got a decent original steel clutch cover with a busted/half missing bracket. I know someone on here had made some nice steel replacements a while back, but I missed the train. Do you know where I can get one to fix my cover? Do you have any?

Enjoying the posts on your rat rod build. Where did you get the weld-on mounting bracket for the pegs?
BMI go kart parts I believe I made a thread and someone gave me a link
Joe, Im looking for a throttle linkage for a h60 mini bike setup, this is my email if that works best for you, thanks Bob
Hi to all. I am a new mini bike owner. I have a Super Stocker but it's missing the Tecumseh motor. I am finished restoring all the bike even to new decals. Anyone got a good Tecumseh HP? motor for sale. Bob