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  • Hi, Ill take the CAT tank if its still available. My shipping for costs is:
    Andy DiMizio
    342 Tyrus Ct.
    Nipomo, CA. 93444
    Can send PayPal as friend or however you like.
    Hi Andy,
    I could certainly do that... I dont know if I can get to the post office monday due to medical tests for my wife but Tuesday should be good for me... paypal is fine, you can verify with most of the older members on here what kind of person I am to deal with so you can rest easy I'm a straight up guy... my paypal is RLDMAD1@gmail.com, all lower case.... I should be able pack it nice in a large flatrate box
    Good morning would you be willing to ship the Briggs tank and carb to Canada postal code L0G 1W0, have paypal account or can send Money Order. Price you are asking is fine.
    Thanks Neil. supertoolmaker@gmail.com
    I am interested in buying your flywheel but I don't know how to get around this site if you get this e mail me RAdams7425@aol.com or call me 757-930-3378
    need help beig directed to a manual for a 1988 briggs and straton mini bike engine thats a 3.5 hp engine with the serial number of 92502 3101 03 88091452
    Thought you might know this off the top of your head. On a 5 horse flatly 1969 what is the end gap for the piston rings?
    Thanks for the help.
    Thanks again for the connecting rod.
    Hi. Do you still have that crankshaft for the h50? I bought a brand new h50 today but it has a tapered shaft on it. Thanks for any help.
    Looking for a v-belt clutch that takes a 16/17" ...7/8 belt
    3/4 inch bore
    Will you take $30 including shipping for the clutch?
    I can pay you today with paypal or however you would like payment.
    Do you still have the v-belt clutch for sale? If so what would be the shipping to zip 07731.
    Thanks, Dave (jdevil)
    How does the 2 speed clutch feel with the transition from hi to low and low to hi. I'm really curious and wanted to put that on my bc1300 bonanza
    you can send invioice i dont want to hold you up just for a rear tire i will find one local my email dfatman@bellsouth.net
    So i have a stock doodlebug 2.8 and it runs why to rich fouls the plug and doesnt run. i got a new carb so its clean and set it really lean and still runs rich you have any ideas that can help me, maybe the main jet or choke setting? thanks
    33? thats a heat wave here...we been in the signle digits to below zero....suppose to get in the 40's to low 50's by the end of the week..... I cut the scrub pad off the orig shaft today and I'm gonna ream out the other brace for the bushing and cut the new shaft....hopefully get the new shaft welded to the pad and get the parts tacked in place..
    Yeah its been cold here too lol! The freaking wife has been whining about here car being dirty for like the last 2 weeks, so today I said screw it and washed it outside this morning. Wasn't a good idea to say the least lol. Washing cars, and 33 degree weather doesn't mix well.
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