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  • Hi, I ran across your old thread regarding reproducing decals for the El Burro mini bike. Did you ever have them made? I'd love to get a set. Have a great weekend...Doug.
    I just sold 2 climber engines-no bs- last sunday on craigslist. I have alot of parts
    Thanks for the reply, I actually found 2 chassis. The motors are gone. Tanks are gone. He is asking $250. Is this a good deal? Where would i find the tecumseh with the lightcoil? Also, do you sell? How much for the a screamer? Unrestored? THANKS !!
    do you have any crankshafts that you need to be balenced or do you need and thing made because i can do that stuff :hack: :hammer: :weld:
    Yeah I would love to get a chainguard decal. I'm going to try and get the engine pan decal repro'd from a guy I know.How much for the decal,let me know. Got any pics of the decal?? Thanks
    May I ask you a couple questions about Sachs minibike engines?

    I have two 1970 SSSCat 1's, model 2200-02 with Sachs 50/AMAX engines, and have been picking up spare parts just to have on hand. I have a good parts list for the bikes, and a good repair manual for the engines, but don't have a good parts list for the engines. The SSSCat owner's manual says the engines are 47cc, with 38mm piston bore. It shows the piston rings as p/n 2219-380. Do you know if these are the same rings as Arctic Cat p/n 6000-496?

    Also, I saw a piston (with rings) on eBay that the seller claimed was for the early 70s Arctic Cat bikes, but there was no part number. The listing said "for 50cc engines." Did Sachs make a 47cc engine AND a 50cc engine? Seems to me these are probably the same engine. Also, the listing said "38.3" was stamped on the dome of the piston. Is this an oversized 38.3mm piston (versus the 38mm specified in my owners manual)?

    Many thanks for any help you can provide.
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