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  1. 1971 Rupp Scrambler

    1971 Rupp Scrambler

  2. Rupp Roadster

    Rupp Roadster

  3. Rupp Roadster

    Rupp Roadster

    1972 Roadster with HS50.
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    Two new projects: 1971 scrambler and 1972 Roadster 2.
  5. 1969 Lil Indian Sabre

    1969 Lil Indian Sabre

    Recently restored with Husqvarna orange paint. Serial # 31859. Fold down bars with (I believe) the earlier style brakes with an adjuster plate.
  6. 1969 Lil Indian Sabre

    1969 Lil Indian Sabre

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    Comment by 'bdjake' in media '20210330_134123.jpg'

    I couldn't find anything on PMR but thank you for replying.
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    Comment by 'bdjake' in media '20210330_134123.jpg'

    Did you make that chain guard yourself?
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    Lil Indian / ruttman and parts score today

    Hi, are any of the chain guards for sale? If not do you know where I can find a repop?
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    Comment by 'bdjake' in media 'IMG_9037'

    Hey where Can I get one of those chain guards? That bike looks great!
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    Found this on FB marketplace for $70 and scooped it right up. Lil Indian Sabre. Serial number 31859 so I believe it is late 60s or early 70s.
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    Probably going to clear coat over this or maybe add a little paint for a patina look.