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    Rupp / Fuji / Gemini 80cc crank removal and seals? ( Fuji 80 F480 )

    answer: ebay good luck with crank seals that aren't rock hard though
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    Rupp / Fuji / Gemini 80cc crank removal and seals? ( Fuji 80 F480 )

    anyone know how i can get the clutch end off the crankshaft? it's all round and smoot, no slots or bolts. idk if it's threaded on or pressed on. FI i can get it off. can i get crank seals for it? EDIT: Fuji 80 F480 EDIT: in fact i could probably use a whole manual. looks like i may need tools?
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    I hear you knoking...

    lol! I remeber when a nut got my cousins briggs, they still run it sans nut but, shes ugly on the inside now. :P
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    help with a model a ???

    pich shows right side up when i save it and view it. looks like the thing never went to waste over the years. it's incredible how much stuff folks recycle. looks like cool little project and possible begging to a cool little rod one day.
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    supercharged Tecumseh suggestions

    WOW thanks for the pic! That make sense. Now i'm curious to see what some different fire slot patterns would look like on clear head with a slow mo camera. i know it wouldn't change much but, it would be cool to see it not work, i know that sounds odd and or hopeful. I have to wonder if any...
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    tecumseh Motorsports cam for the OHH #37536k any info?

    is that ball bearing side cover HS?
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    Building a high performance HS40!

    i'm curious to see how this runs. i have the same piston and plan on getting the ARC billet rod for my HS40 as well. Best of luck and look forward to more photos. :) EDIT: i still have no solid info on aftermarket springs and retainers, looks like i need to learn me some dimensions and sizes...
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    Machine shops?

    man, i'd love to find a machine shop that can do 3 angle valve jobs as well 3 angle jobs on flat head blocks
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    OHH designation?

    What does the OHH designation mean? Over Head Horizontal? Overhead horizontal heavy duty?
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    straight shot intake for HS40 and 50's

    anyone tried it?
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    Billet cranks for tecumseh???

    i apologize if this is in the wrong section. I found this tonight and was wondering if anyone has referenced any of these to fit any tecumsehs. would love to put a billet crank in my hs40.
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    supercharged Tecumseh suggestions

    just came across this reply doing some googling. any context behind your comment? there is little information on fire slots on the internet. or at least not super easily available so any input is appreciated.
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    What can you tell me about HS40 ball bearing covers? (HS50?)

    if that's true it sounds like i could just get measurements form someone and pop my crankshaft on the lathe for a quick minute. as if that wasn't cheap enough, i bet someone has measurements for the bearing as well. all i need now is to source a side cover! :)
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    What can you tell me about HS40 ball bearing covers? (HS50?)

    mine had a regular side cover. i want to upgrade. it came off what i think was a RUPP or very similar to.