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  • Barn find 1960 blazer 50 years of dust.. Tote gote lookalike need advice what to do with it. Drained all oil. Filled with new. Gas tank is clean so I put some gas in it turned the peacock and cleaned the carb. wOW it starts write up. It has a hi and low gear that is switchable buy a handle that you pull up or push down. ( middle is neutral ). The main drive chain could be replaced, I think it is too loose. Also the belt looks tired. Tires hold air once I pumped them up. Any help on tracking down any info would be helpful. Also found the registration from 1963 in the back zipper compartment in the rear of the seat. Lady who sold it to me said it was her sons and he purchased it new in 1960. Little knowledge of we're to find parts. Help help
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