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  • Just remember what the tight chain is really doing. It is pulling the the differential and axles. So it will cause the bearings to wear faster.... So if it doesn't loosen fairly soon be prepared to possibly take it apart again... Although you can see how easy it really is after the first time.. More of just a pain.... What else do you have to do to it?
    There is a Tecumseh grease for differentials. Just search Bentonite Grease. Although I have used regular bearing grease without any problems. I could not open the video. But by the pic you should be able to bolt it back together.
    In the frame where the bearing is,closest to the chain side there should be hole that is long. This is where an idler roller goes. Basically a chain tensioner. It is just held on with a bolt with a spacer to keep it lined up with the chain. You just put enough tension on it to take up the chain slack and tighten it down. AZ2187 - Heavy Duty Idler/Tensioner Sprockets-1/2" Prec Ball Bearing. #40/41 Chain | Go Kart & Mini Bike Parts | MFG Supply
    Comet Drive Belts | Belts for Comet Torque Converters
    Assuming you are using a 30 series set up with a 6 inch driven. If you look at the first chart in the first blue box. In the center going down under 6" driven it gives you the different center to center measurement ranges. If your distance falls in that range then that is the belt to use. If not then move the engine until you get a distance that falls in the ranges.

    I told you it was going to add up quick. But if you do it right it will last a long time. It will be a lot of fun and you will probably start looking for another one also...lol... Once you've done one it is easy. Basically all the same.
    If you look at the chart there really isn't anything that falls in that range. It seems to be on the longer side. I would either slot the plate so it was adjustable or drill new holes so the engine is closer to the driven. Slotting is better because it allows you to get the exact belt tension you want.Which is important in how the torque converters work.
    Some like the MudBug in my photos had foot pedals. But most of the time people fabricated them like the one on the green T555 in my pics
    You have to have the engine mounted and the driver and driven mounted and lined up before you can measure the center to center distances on the shafts. If you guess and are wrong you will waste the cost of a belt which is about $30. So when everything is measured and you go back to that chart on the " comet belt page". Comet Drive Belts | Belts for Comet Torque Converters
    The keystock is for the sprocket and driven. Usually the drive has it integrated.
    30 Series Driven - 6" : Go Kart Parts: Racing Karts: Engines: Frames: Tires: Tips: Kits: Torque

    30 Series Driver Unit with 3/4" Bore: Go Kart Parts: Racing Karts: Engines: Frames: Tires: Tips: Kits: Torque

    5/8" x 1-3/8" Precision Sealed Bearing with Snap-Ring - AZ8205 X2
    5/8" Jackshaft Collar - AZ8555 X4

    5/8" Jackshaft x 16" + 3/16" Keyway - AZ8175-16 CUT TO SIZE
    Mini Bike & Go Kart Parts, Lawn Mower, Chain Saw and Outdoor Power Equipment | OldMiniBikes Warehouse 9 or 10 tooth 5/8” bore 40/41 chain sprocket from this page.
    The driver is on the engine. A belt will go to the driven pulley. Which is on the end of the jackshaft sticking out of the frame. The jackshaft gear will be under the engine mount and will connect to the rear differential gear by a chain which should be a 40/41 sprocket. So you would get a 9 or 10 tooth 5/8" bore for a 40/41 chain. So you would also need the 40/41 chain if you dont have it.
    Parts are plentiful. There is a learning curve but all the parts are minibike/gokart parts. Oldminibikes.com forum can help you with any questions you have. Its a great site.
    Owosso Trike and Montgomery Ward T-555 Trike Out in the sand and dirt RBTRIKE 2 - YouTube. Check out some of my other videos of the Owosso trike. I had. My buddy is driving my old Gold Owosso. 6.5hp with the torque converter is plenty.
    The gear is held in position by set screws. So you dont need washers. You do need locking collars to keep the jackshaft from walking side to side.I believe the holes are 1 3/8" but you should measure to make sure.
    The problem with trikes are that there are more bearings and parts. It cost more than a minibike to fix. But are a blast when you get them put back together. I usually replace everything when I take them apart. That way I don't have to fix them again. Everything new and take your time. Wire brush the frame and just give it a new spray paint job and it will look new.
    You can weld a plate on top. I dont know how bad the bearings are so I dont know how many things you will have to replace. When you unbolt the differential and have it out just spin the bearings and if they are loose or dont spin smoothly you should replace them.then you just unbolt the 4 bolts that go through the sprocket and clean out the old grease from the gears and make sure they arent worn or broken. Then just put some new grease in and bolt it back together.
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