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  • Just got a ruppster, looks to be all there. Seat has Rupp logo on it. need point timing help. And tire help
    sorry the computer has been broke and havent been on line ina while
    thanks for careing and no I havent been working on any engines lately
    you mean the chopper frame ? I bought it off ebay years ago , a guy was bending them himself for 100.00 shipped as far as I know I was the only one to finish mine ,, he used my pics in his ads on ebay .. I know he quit building them as they were no sellers and I kinda kept in touch with him .. this would have been when the larger choppers were a lot more popular ,, kinda fizzed out ,, I always like the old Skool look myself ,, I got so much money in it that I never rode it ,, To Funny , The pics are from my single days at home in front of the fireplace ,, as you can see it sits on a shelf now.. I was going to get it down to get it running BUT my buddies talked me out of it ..seems they think it is very cool to have it right where it is ,, My wife likes it there also ,,
    Hi Dave not sure what frame you mean ? Yes I live Close It looks like a lot of Ohio guys on here ,, Dave
    I rolling with 5.5 briggs. intek engine. I only paid 45 dollars for it. Is this engine good for my first engine and does it have some power. after using it for a while i want to put a 6.5 like you have on mine. what is your sproket and clutch size. What will be the best set up on mine you think.
    i been reall busy with school and other personal things. i have a couple of questions that i need advice on. I want to know how to install kill switch on my minibike, brakes (i posted a picture of the wheels on a post). I want the same rims and tires on there but brand new if i can find some. The tires are 3.00-10 tires I also would like to know where i can purchase seat foam. i like to try to do everything myself. so far i primed and painted the frame. going to put some writing on it and then clear coat it. I going with a 5.5 horse briggs for my first engine for $40. What sproket and clutch are you running on it. check out the post of my wheel i had put on here and give me some feed back on everything. thanks
    yeah I can do that....bring me the base...Call me during the week...i live in parma...216 832 6478
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