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  • Sounds good to me. Definitely need to change the gearing - much better performance will be had.

    Mine probably runs right around 40 mph with the 72 T rear sprocket. The gearing change keeps the engine RPM up higher and in the power band. Better acceleration as well.


    Cheers dude!
    hi dual i copied your tav install on my puma it works great i went with the gtc tav from gokarts usa cause its made for the baha and the puma is so close to it and you dont have to drill any holes or grind any fins off of it i re jetted the carb and pulled the govenor agk filter adapter and choke lever holder with uni filter and breather kit agk diy header kit and now i have the weld in brigs muffler adapter with the conduit clamp for the frame and billet clamp for the muffler from hot rod minibike.com it holds and supports the exhaust it tucks up inside the frame and exits between the frame and fender i can send u pics if you want just give me your email i just wanted ta say thanks oh yeah how fast is it with the sprocket
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