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  • I'm interested in a 2.8 carb kit. Are they on ebay? If you are not selling them, can you send me a pm telling me what components I need?
    I read with interest your reply and photos to the thread on installing the Badger spring front forks on a DB 30. It looks like you only purchased the lower parts (shocks), then cut your existing DB forks and slipped them over? Do you then need to bolt them on. I am considering doing exactly what you did, as it sounds like the replacement Badger forks tubing is REALLY thin walled. Any additional help you could provide would be most appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Duarte, CA
    Hahaha...I guess I'll ask the same question as everyone else. Do you still have the carb kits for the 2.8 engines? Thanks!
    Do you still carry the carb. Kits for the 2.8 eng ? If you do how much.. Thanks for your time.
    Hi Dudly, I am interested in the carb kit for the doodle 2.8 engine. Do you still sell them? If so could you give me a price?

    Thank you.
    Please let me know if you are still selling the kit and how much it would be. I have a 97 cc engine...
    Hey, I hate to ask but do you still sell the carb kits? thank you Sir!! and whats the price ? Mark
    Hello Dudly, I am like you, I like the 97cc engine.

    Have you figured out how to install spark arrestor on 97cc engine muffler? I was thinking about buying an OEM Honda G100 muffler (that accepts a Honda spark arrestor) or modifying a stock 97cc muffler to accept a spark arrestor.

    Also, where do you get parts? I took my engine apart to check for a problem (looks good inside, fuel filter was clogged) and need a side cover gasket. Thanks, ChazDaddy
    Have read about you previously having carb kits for the 2.8 DB engines. Do you still have these? Please email me at Aladinbama@aol.com if you do. Thanks, Tom
    Hi, I am also looking for a carb kit for the 2.8 db30. Let me know if you still have them.

    717-659-zero three eight three
    Hi, im like the rest lol, im interested in purchasing a 3 kits for the 97cc carbs.... i have three doodle bugs.

    David Hammons
    Hi are you still selling the carb kits for the db30? I would like to order one if you still are.
    Thanks, Mel
    Hey Dudly, would you have any more of your 97 CC Carb
    kits available ? If so please send price and purchase info.
    Hey Dudly, would you have any more of your 97 CC Carb
    kits available ? If so please send price and purchase info.
    Thanks, David
    I can't find your crab upgrade post, but I'm interested in getting one. Also, the seals are shot on my pilot jet... does your upgrade kit replace these are well?
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