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    Fox thunderbolt!

    My son was riding home from work and this happened! I orders some new 5mm locks and retainers for a predator 212. Hope they fit!
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    Fox thunderbolt!

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    Flipped engine

    My buddy flipped his mini and his engine stopped working. I see no damage has spark and turns over. Is it possible that the valves are knocked loose? What should I look for? Engine was working fine till it flipped. He put a pred and cares not for the old one. Any ideas? Has it happened to...
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    CHI COM float bowel gaskets

    Chinese communism powered by American capitalism! We taught um well!!!
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    Rupp guys I need your help!!!!

    Went to their website and I see 5/8" and 1/2" for sale. Are uh out talking about the self tapping or the screw or the bolt? Need to get rid of my zip tie components!
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    Needing recommendations on chrome plating

    No such thing as cheap american chrome. You probably could get some Chinese chrome cheaper and faster! Almost all shops in us are good but rare. Therefore prices up waits up. But nothing like fresh chrome. Carefull its addicting...
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    Rupp guys I need your help!!!!

    Anyone the sizes for the seat snaps on a rupp cant find mine and I know I can order them. Thanks
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    Member Steve Durham passed away...

    Ride in peace! He was one of the cool ones enriching the story of the mighty minis!!!!
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    1970 chopped up rupp

    Zip ties!!!
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    1970 Speedway Parts

    Keep ya peepers peeled on ebay for a tank. Best bet. All mine are in great shape. No rust. What model/year is ya bike? any pictures?
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    Tecumseh Motorsports OHV 195cc

    40006 is the parts # I keep coming across for oil rings. I will try and pay a pro to get my rod "fixed"!:(
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    Tecumseh Motorsports OHV 195cc

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    Tecumseh Motorsports OHV 195cc

    Mill spec!