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  • Hey James its Evan. Sold you bonanza and fixed your mx frame. Howz it been man. Im out here in NC now
    James - I'm new to OldMiniBikes and saw some pictures of some Tote Gote parts that you had - I have a Model B I need some things for - could I call you to discuss? My number is (801) 946-4137 - or e-mail mokiekat@gmail.com - Thx, Jeff
    Heya James.

    Just wanted to see how you were doing and if you got the Mickey Dragster home and etc.

    Dad said you were a pretty cool guy and that you've got him hooked on the mini bikes now hahaha. Just wanted to say hi and hope the Dragster worked out for ya! Lemme know if you post pictures / video of it!
    Hi James
    You mention you may be interested in selling or trading the rear section on the dunecycle you have give me a call 909 7091741 thx jim
    Looking for a tote gote clutch...
    Do you know what the engage RPM was ?
    Hello James, member "george3" suggested I contact you regarding the possibility you might have a Super Bronc you might part with. Let me know, I'm in the market. I'm in Ma. 02747, and would need it shipped. Thanks very much...Doug.
    Hi James,

    I'm from the flat lands of Okla and new on board as well. I originally bought a new Powell Challenger in 1969 and loved it. It was my beginning of a gearhead life.
    Do you know anyone with one for sale?
    Hi, James C
    I'm new on board because I just bought an early 60's Tote Goat out of a farmers storage building in asmall town in Iowa. She's a 400 series, and has a 4 hp Briggs which I will soon replace with a 9 hp Briggs Vanguard engine. I;m going to pimp this Gote out for my wife for a Mother's Day surprise - paint it fire engine red and get her all shined up. she can use it to get around the roads and dirt trails at our lake house. I was told you might be the person that can help me with parts. I'm confused as to what type of brake shoe/band I should use as a replacement part. I also don't know what type or size drive belt it will need when I replace it. Can you point me in right direction for parts? Much obliged. I'll take a before pic tomorrow and get it posted. I can't wait to get going on this bike!
    Can you make this years "HellonWheelsRally" at Milestone raceway in Riverside?. And dont listen to George its really fun with lots of activities going all day besides the racing like pin up poster girl contest, drawings, drinking contest and such!. George didnt like it because they dont allow pit riding since its a motocross park not a open riding place, but you,ll get you get plenty of track time on a mellow TT/scrambles type track or you can cruise over to the many other tracks?!.
    Thank's for the pics. James. Your post said it $30.00+ shipping? I'am interested.Do you use paypal?.....thank's Bill
    Hi James, Thanks for selling the Burro to me. I've spent today riding it up and down the hill in front of my house. It's been a blast, but needs more power. I've found a slightly higher resolution pic of the Velzy Burro, and wonder if you can tell what kind of engine this thing had? I'm figuring its a 5 or 8HP, but thought you might be able to tell the brand at least based on the angle of the rope pull. Thanks for any help you can give me, and I think I've really been drawn into this hobby. I'm even thinking of going to Macs sale next weekend!


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