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  • Happy burfday jdogg! Hey I'm having a minibike RIDEOUT in Reno August 23, it's 4+ hours away but some good ridin grounds await. Personal invitation. Anyway, cool interacting with you here, you're a wild man I can tell, be great to know ya! Best, John Boes Reno, NV
    was reading that you modified the gas tank on a predator, but i cant find the post, can you tell me how to find it? thanks
    Hi Jason: Put the Oct. 8th. EAGLE FIELD HOT ROD GATHERING on your agenda, the local mini bike boys will be there, some racing cars and/or mini bikes. See ya! Dan
    Hello Jason,
    Just an update:
    Jeff and I will be installing the gas tank mount this weekend (wish us luck!). He primed and painted it already. We will be hooking up all of the original emissions crap as it was stock for now. Jeff has informed me, however, that he has ordered a performance exhaust and air filter (he is getting into performance stuff now). It is my understanding that we really need to upgrade/replace the carb main jet to a larger jet as well with this performance stuff- is that correct? Assuming that you did this on your HF, what size jet and where did you purchase it? Is the main jet located in that bolt on the very bottom of the carb? Do we just unscrew it and replace it?
    Thanks again for any help! :>)
    Michael and Jeffrey Moore
    Duarte, CA
    Hey jdogg, where you at man, there's about eight of us in Lemoore that ride minis, I see valvefloater checked you out also, he's from Lemoore also. pm me. Dan
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