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    Sell whole or parts?

    Id part it out. Selling as a whole locally would get pennies if any buyers at all. In my area anyway. Might be fun to put a china 110 on it. The stock engine sucks anyway.
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    backyarder visitors

    Its been a busy winter on the front porch. Two bunnies pretty much live here now so we put out timothy grass for them. The bushes are full of poo now and they are starting to nibble on the branches hopefully it doesnt kill them too much. A deer comes by to eat the fallen bird seed sometimes...
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    Freak-Bikes, Homemades, Customs, Frankenbikes & Oddballs

    Id be more worried about the plastic wheelchair wheel and tire. Not that i wouldnt do it
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    How would I make a predator 212 look vintage?

    Dave it is possible to run an engine backwards with a little sprocket trickery. Also others here have made new engines look old. Gc160 and slanted tecumsehs. But i havnt seen a convincing predator yet.
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    How would I make a predator 212 look vintage?

    I put an old pull start on my 79cc with the cup slightly cut shorter. It goes a long way in getting the vintage look.
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    peerless grease

    I use corn head grease
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    Need help with two seater vintage minibike

    somebodys gonna get hurt riding that thing lol
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    How much snow you getting???

    Record snowfall here 41" made the world news i guess. I only measured 34" but that was the end of the day im sure it settled some. Snowblower got a workout and so did I and only like half done with mine and still have to do my neighbors long driveway. They usually plow our road first because the...
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    Rupp Drive Chain or Torque converter ???

    Im pretty sure you can buy an adapter sleeve to go from 5/8 to 3/4. then you would need to fit the driven pulley on the jackshaft might need a new one all together if that one isnt long enough. I think the torque converter would be the better route in this case for a kid because they are better...
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    MG - Custom Gokart

    The floorboards are in and i got the hood sides and hood made. The sides are sheetmetal from an old furnace and the louvered side scoups are from a lawn tractor. I routed the exhaust out the one side behind the scoup it will go into a custom silencer and out in front of the back fender. The hood...
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    So what are you welding with? (Post your set up here)

    Only picture i could find. Its a lincoln 100 from about 2001 running straight c02 . Here I have it rigged to run a big spool i got from a cleanout. I had to replace a few diodes over the years but its still going strong. I always wanted to make a nicer kart for it but i just keep adding on the...
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    Anything Goes! Mini Snowmobile

    I couldnt get in there to count the gear ratio its real tight but its probably around 3.5 or 4:1 before the tracks so maybe 7 or 8 :1 all together. So its pretty low with a 10" tall track. Got the skis done for now they didnt want to turn at all in grass so i welded two 1/4" square bars on the...
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    79cc predator need more power

    yes a #35 chain would work good then you can use a 72t sprocket
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    79cc predator need more power

    youre definately going to need a jackshaft if you are running #40 chain you wont be able to put a big enough sporcket without hitting the ground. id go for about a 7:1 or more if you ride pretty slow and offroad. The guys are right though a 212 would work fine with the ratio you have and go alot...
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    79cc predator need more power

    what is the ratio and tire size?