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  • I recently purchased a tin Lizzie. I am beginning the process of restoring it. I have seen the pictures you posted from 2012 of the red one. I'm hoping you can provide me some information on the wheels, either how you made them, or where you purchased them.
    Eddie, trying to contact you by the phone number I have with no luck. Want to see if you have a rear wheel for a cat 350ss. Please call or reply. 623-849-4146. Thanks, Perry.
    Eddie, Going to go with the R4001 at this time. What do you want for your Cat roller? Going into the hospital in the morning. Let me know. Thanks, Perry.
    As far as i know the fender decals were original to the bike.. there was a Chopper one that showed up that had the same colors and it also had those fender decals..
    Thanks. I have a feeling that the all American was a rare model. I have found old sales ads for all other models but the All American was not listed. As for the one you recently sold. Do you know if the fender decals (the stars and stripes) was original or added? Thanks. I'm already in the process of restoring this bike and pictures will be posted soon.
    I noticed you recently sold an All American Cat. I have one that I'm restoring and I'm trying to find more information on this model. Do you know the year it was manufactured and where I could find written material about this model? I found a catalog with several models except the All American. Thanks!
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