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    Member Steve Durham passed away...

    You will be missed Steve . Thanks for all the memories !
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    Old mini bike

    '5/18 bolts ?
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    Any of you folks into go kart racing?

    My Son's and myself have been racing karts for years now .
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    Happy birthday buckeye

    Happy Birthday Tom !
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    Frame identification

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    Frame identification

    Looks like a K&S frame for sure , not sure if its a Hornet or not.
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    How much snow you getting???

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    Happy Birthday Ond.

    Thanks Guys !
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    H50 rebuild

    Sound like your timing is off . Is this a points engine ?
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    Happy Birthday Ond.

    Thanks everyone for all the Birthday wishes !
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    Favorite bike ??

    One of my favorites is a bike I built years ago Savage SSC .
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    Need help identifying please.

    Might look at Bird Nighthawk
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    H50 side cover

    Sorry I must have missed the part about new valves ....yes lap in the new valves .
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    H50 side cover

    Yes they will lock back when you tighten them up . Not really necessary to lap the valves if it was running OK ....but couldn't hurt either . That L-head manual is a big help .
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    Michael Clements Sr. RIP

    Loss of another Legend today . RIP my Friend