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  • Shoot me an offer. Planning on listing on EBay today. I'd be happy to pull the motor to reduce shipping weight. I can strap to pallet, pull the forks and box it, or whatever shipping method you prefer.
    Thank you
    Can you PM me about this item?
    I have an NOS Bonanza 5" drum I'd sell cheap, fits kidney beans but could be made to fit go-powers I bet.
    Hello outlaw,
    I would like to hear more about Micro-cycles if you have any information. Maybe we can talk sometime. Thanks Bob alias MICRO
    I have almost the same mini bike. where did you fnd it and are you interested in selling it? if not, i would love to have some pointers on where you found parts for it. Richard
    Does that twister have an updraft carb? I dont recognize the air cleaner but it looks factory. I have an embossed shroud that may have come on my twister.
    Coming to okc to pickup a real nice pacsetter three wheeler.I will post pics,hopefully tommorrow evening.Mark
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