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    Grom muffler fit for stage 1 header?

    If you don't want the noise use the stock muffler. The performance gains from a header pipe are minimal on a stock engine running stock RPM. A guy on YouTube recently tested a stock muffler versus a header pipe on an already modded engine. The low end gains were so minimal that it wouldn't even...
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    Coleman ct200u-ex wont start

    Next thing to do is to remove the rocker cover. A push rod may be out of position and you may see this right away. Did the cam come out when you first pulled the side cover off? Did a lifter fall out while you were working on it with the side cover off?
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    What is the Best sprocket combo for a db30 with stock predator 212 ?

    That's better. Now put in 4500 RPM. A stock 212 with the throttle screw backed out should get around 4500 max governed.
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    Year shaft size went down from 3/4 ?

    Unless you are doing it to learn I wouldn't waste the effort on governor removal and springs for the 196 if you are going with a different engine. Doing those two things aren't going to improve performance once the CVT is installed. Even with the 60 tooth the engine should top out before max...
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    Coleman ct200u-ex wont start

    When you removed the spark plug and left it attached did you hold the threaded part of the spark plug to the engine while pulling to check for spark? One of the cooling fins on the head just to the left of where the plug goes is a good place to provide that connection. And make sure the switch...
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    Year shaft size went down from 3/4 ?

    The Coleman 200's and other "tall tire" bikes come with a 420 chain. Split sprockets with a quality 35 chain work great and can handle power. I don't know if they make 420 split sprockets
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    Year shaft size went down from 3/4 ?

    I would say that if you know for sure you want a CVT then go ahead and try the adaptor if you don't want to wait until you get the Tillotson. But use a 5/8" to 3/4" adaptor. This way the 3/4" CVT is ready for the engine with a 3/4" shaft. I don't care for the adaptors at all. I would get a...
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    Year shaft size went down from 3/4 ?

    I have not put a CVT on a Hisun 196. If I ever put a CVT on the Hisun I have an extra 3/4" clone crankshaft to put in prior to the CVT. Have not had any issues with the 16mm crankshaft.
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    Year shaft size went down from 3/4 ?

    Probably mid year 2016. Both of my 200U's are October 2016 and they came with the 16mm crankshaft.
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    What is the Best sprocket combo for a db30 with stock predator 212 ?

    Other speed calcs accept tire height (diameter) and do the math for you. Otherwise you do the math for circumference. Mini Bike Speed Calculator (MPH) (
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    Torque converter options for Coleman CT200U-EXR-C?

    I don't care for the adaptors but if I did use one it would be the 16mm to 1". I would change the crankshaft before using an adaptor. The Hisun 196 does not have an oil fill on the cylinder side of the block. The Comet should fit. If there is interference it shouldn't be much so you could just...
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    Smoother takeoff

    That kit would work as long as you are sleeving to 3/4". Many of those kits come with 2 sprockets. Here's one of the ways to raise the engine if you don't mind the cost of it and a longer chain. Torque Converter Engine Riser Plate for Coleman Mini Bikes - Predator 212cc 224cc (
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    Coleman CT200U-EXR-C gearing and initial parts advice needed...

    "I don't think I'm going to try and get this engine to push it's RPMs past stock." That's important because you can have an easy setup that will work well. Do the torque converter with a 60 tooth sprocket. For the engine do a "stage 1" kit which is nothing more than a pipe, air filter kit, and...
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    Octane Observations

    Yesterday I got 5 gallons at a Marathon in Strongsville Ohio.
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    200cc Small frame, fast pickup?

    Thanks. The boots are inexpensive. Pretty sure I got them here. Motorcycle Rubber Fork Front Gaiters Boots For JOG50 90 Black | eBay