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    Sprocket for Speedway 10" Mags (35 chain size)

    Hi, I'm looking for a (35 chain) sprocket for Speedway 10" mags. In this case, it has to be (relatively) true, and have good teeth because its for a runner. Any help would be much Appreciated. (or if you know of any other brands that would work for that tight 4 bolt pattern w/ proper center...
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    Weld King, Great work! Do you make other (5HP flathead sized) frames?
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    Rupp mag wheels

    PM sent
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    PM on Rims
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    20 degree intake adapters

    I'd like one too. Put me on the list if you make anymore. ✌
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    Bird Thunderbird 5-Spoke 10" rims (with sprocket)

    Hey there, looking for a solid set of: Bird Thunderbird 5-Spoke 10" rims (with sprocket) Thanks for look'n ✌
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    10" Aluminum Split rims?

    If you ever find them and wanna part ways, please give me a heads up
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    Hub for a Rupp 10" Mag (front wheel)

    Lookn for a hub for a Rupp 10" mag. Even just a working half (one side) will make me happy. Fingers crossed Thanks for look'n.
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    10" Mags (Rupp/Speedway)

    Still look'n ...for 10" Rupp Speedway Mags
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    10" Mags (Rupp/Speedway)

    Bump... still looking...
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    10" Mags (Rupp/Speedway)

    Ok if chrome is poor. Not too picky, just not bent up. Sprocket adaptor, brake/hub, all a plus. Happy to pay fair price. Thanks for looking
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    Bonanza Survivor?

    7/8" , DUcK it is ! thanks CapGunCowboy, THAT, is a fantastic find you have ! PS: its Bonanza Blue under the subdued blue frame paint (under the forks and swing arm, is blue also) PSS: did it come with Goodyear? or Carlisle ? I'm assuming it was one of the two. I feel like I've heard...
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    Bonanza Survivor?

    Just picked this classy Bonanza up. (pretty rare to find even a decent picture of one down here in San Diego), so i quickly scooped it up. And it was in even better shape the the ad pics.:thumbsup: After further inspection, it actually seemed that it was ALL there. Even down to the...