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  • Hi, Shifter94. I am new to this website and in need of some help. I have a two year old Doodlebug with a bad centrifugal clutch. 2.8 lifan, with an 11th clutch and a 35inch chain. The clutch I removed. It didn't come apart intact. I assume this isn't normal of a working centrifugal clutch? I was inattentive to the lubricating requirements of the clutch and was also wondering if my 210 lb fat ass was part of the stress on it as I was trying to recapture my childhood while my 10 year old son watched me take a few spins on his toy. I live north of Kalamazoo, Mi. and I was wondering if I can buy a clutch locally or should I buy one off EBay for 35.00 plus shipping. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards and thanks in advance for your time, Jayman
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