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  • Hey. i'm in southeastern ks and i have a stash of briggs flathead stuff i am getting ready to sell. i have 2 running, pro-built raptors that were running alcohol (pro go kart motors). and 35 hp motors that all run. 1 is very old and had slide chock carb, the other 2 are much newer. 1 has the newer style starter recoil. I also have a bunch of extra go-kart motor parts, cometic gaskets, jets, 2 extra blue-printed alc carbs, 4 different headers,etc. I have 5 running motors but do not have 5 carb/gas tank combos. i have 4 tanks, 3 stock carbs, and 4 modified carbs. i would sell as a package dal. the raptors run like ape-shit crazy but i do not know how to tune the alky stuff. I have four harbor freight motors now so i do not need the surplus briggs. I also have 3 horizontal shaft 3-4 hp motors i would sell. 2 run, 1 is parts. call/text 620=820=3793 of if you are interested. i have not priced this lot or advertised but plan to soon. good luck. JP in ks.
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