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    Got a Homemade 60's Fat Tire Bike

    Yep, I've seen it in person. Definitely home made
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    It's a Bonanza MB 250
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    Any idea?

    Bonanza MB 1110. No rear suspension. Nice bike!
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    Need help with identifying my vintage fat tire mini bike

    I'm going to say home made. Judging by the long curve bends and bicycle neck. Looks cool though!
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    Any idea on these two?

    It's a Powerdyne with a modified neck and forks. They probably lengthened the original forks
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    Hound Dog 400 followed me home! What year was it made?

    Early 70s. Hard to say exactly without the original engine.
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    Any idea on these two?

    Just a Sensation rear wheel. the frame is a Powerdyne.
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    Any idea on these two?

    The yellow one is a modified Powerdyne. The front wheel probably looks like this one. The other is a modified Fox Sundowner.
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    What is it???

    I have never found any brochures or info on these bikes but I have seen at least 8 of them and they all seem to come out of California.
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    Make and model?

    Bird Wren or Sears Runabout made by Bird.
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    What is. This?

    Taiwanese bike. Looks like a Scat Cat
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    Unknown mini bike frame

    Looks like Taco 22 forks
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    No idea what i have

    Yep, That's a 1971 Speedway Scarab. The brochure delray posted is a 1970 brochure.