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  • On the dual clutch off of, at what RPMs do the first and secound clutch kick in? Or how exactly does it work?
    Hi. I'm interested in your boonie bike you listed. I live in Oak Park, MI but willing to travel to Ohio to pick up bike. Call me, Eddie at 313 971-3088. Thanks.
    Did the fat cat bike sell if not let me know I'll buy it I just bought another I'd like a few for friends at my farm Rob
    I may get some of the Benelli tank badges made. Let me know if you need any, although I saw the one on the right side of the tank in the picture.

    I have read with interest your conversion of the ATC 200. I have a couple of ATC's (110 and 125) that my friend and I would like to convert to two wheelers. Can you tell me where your purchased your jack shaft sprockets, the dia. of the jack shaft, and where you purchased the back wheel 1 in. hub?

    Thanx...Richard in Grants Pass, Oregon
    Hey Man give me call or email to let me know if the orange Ruttman Judge is still for sale very interested in buying from you will come and get. Frank Edwards 202 215-6179 work# 202 879-1317 8:30am-5:00pm
    Do you still have the Orange Ruttman Judge for sale? I'm interested in purchasing the bike from you. Please contact me by email at or call 202 215-6179. Thanks! Frank

    Shipped the shocks today by UPS GROUND. The cost for UPS was $16.13. The tracking number is 1z940X440334260224.

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