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    Why does my chain keep popping off

    add a chain tensioner so when you give it the beans, the chain will stop slapping and dancing around at high revs and popping off. also posting a picture of what your dealing with helps alot too. :rolleyes:
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    Does the direction of my clutch matter?

    Yeah good point. Alright.
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    Does the direction of my clutch matter?

    Take that Itty bitty 79cc motor and replace it with a 224 predator max instead. That will help you in your quest for more power.
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    Handlebar clamps not working well

    I had the same problem you just have to really wrench down on the bolts a little on each of them. They all have to get tightened kinda at the same evenly. Now the don't move and all I ride are bumpy off road trails.
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    New but already in love!

    cool project! those are fun bikes for sure!
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    Seeking help

    after replacing your springs double check your valve lash. that could be the cause of your hard pulls to start engine and higher compression to yank your arm off when using your pull cord to start. :)
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    i got a slight problem, i ride minibikes too much!

    i got a slight problem, i ride minibikes too much!
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    Mini Scat Tracker?

    it is a scat tracker or at least looks like one. :D
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    Brake cables with 3/8" Barrels for A Heald Trike Needed

    i made my own brakes for my trike from i just bought the parts. they are heavy duty! here is my order so you can look up model numbers of the parts in the search box on the website. :) Hope that helps ya out..
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    I got some go carts

    I have had 2 times where i heard them and the 2nd time we saw them face to face. i ride in the woods alot and up here in washington state sometimes the woods is a bit creepy if you go deep enough in.
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    Montesa Cota 25c?

    that is a small bike!
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    My $10 estate sale find.

    That totally blows. But engine is cool!
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    How to add a bright LED light to Tillotson 212 Electric start mega moto 212?

    I wired up my led headlight to a jump start battery pack in a box on the back.
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    Stolen Cat Demon + Sears

    those minis are sweet. sucks they got jacked! sorry for your loss.
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    Gentlemen, I think I have a problem.

    Yes. You need more, much more.