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    Trisport project done

    That is one, nice, clean build, you should be really proud of it!
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    Mc 9 engine

    See just like I said only different.
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    Mc 9 engine

    All the twin set-ups I've seen use a fuel pump. I think the engine starting when the other engine is going is probably vibration sending a little gas to the off engine. If you have a back of seat tank, gravity is working against you. You probably need a pump for both engines just to make sure...
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    ST100 in Ohio for 200.00

    Its been on there for awhile now. I saw it awhile back. Could be one of those scammers Manchester was talking about.
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    My 'beer budget' 70' Scrambler resto

    Well if I used my beer budget on minis instead of BEER, I would have a stable of completely restored mint minis but I'd sure be thirsty.
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    APC mini bike FREE

    Shoot, I was going to ask if you were willing to come down on the price at all. OH well.
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    If you were 12 which bike would you pick?

    My avatar says it all.
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    Mini Bikes on the farm Northern Michigan Update!

    That looks like a total blast. Hope you all have Mini Great Times.
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    Yeah and it can also leap tall buildings in a single bound. (Just Sayin')
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    And of course the Holy Grail
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    See I toldya so.
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    There is also an Apache that is a clone of a Superflea complete with teardrop gas tank.
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    What is this bike?

    Its called "The Chinese Revenge"
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    Rupp, Bonanza part? What is it.

    That is a Fuzzy Rug Leech. They are known to carry Collectitivess which if not treated soon enough can be fatal to marriages. I don't know the heck the roundy thing is.
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    Projects dragged back out

    I appreciate the offer but I just offering to buy it if it was a 4 1/2 and you had no use for it. Yes shipping would be pricey as they are cast iron. Also this would be a purchase that would go onto the shelf for later use. Thanks again for the offer