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    All original sensation chopper

    Very nice.
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    Stellar Chopper

    I picked this up recently. My plan is to leave it as original as possible. So far it's been cleaning up nicely.
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    Parting out a Complete Cat All American Slingshot

    Hello. What's the lowest you'll go on the engine?
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    Lighted Briggs

    As stated earlier. It did come off a Troy built tiller. Removed it my self.
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    Lighted Briggs

    It did. I've kept my eyes open for one of these for a while now.
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    Lighted Briggs

    Been looking for one of these for awhile. First one I've come across..
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    Mini bike show NC

    Thought I'd share this. Sounds cool.
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    Who made this?

    Great Info. I have a period correct small Briggs I may go with. This tiny mini is kinda cool. I have the original guard to it as well.
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    Who made this?

    Great. You answered my questions before my slow poke self could type.. thanks again
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    Who made this?

    Thanks. So the 69 model only had the disc brake? Could it have Briggs on it originally? I want use the correct engine for this.
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    Who made this?

    So to be clear this was made by Bird? Also what power plant would have come on it? Thanks for you input.
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    Who made this?

    Who manufactured this foremost mini sold thru JC Penneys?
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    V:cool:ery Cool!
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    Tecumseh Display Shelf

    Sweet..I have one of those. Only other one I've ever seen. I assumed the hole was for the crank shaft on the vertical engines to sit flush, for store display.
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    Sensation chopper

    Thanks. Hmm..I have another one that needs some love.