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  • Scratch last question, found your X-90 build post again. Bead blasted & clear coated, polished plates.
    Chrome finally arrived. Nearly ready to start going back together. One question if you have time, brake drum/wheel hubs, what was the original finish? Mine are painted gray, but so were the wheels so I'm not sure. The further I got into this bike, the more I'm wondering if Sonny had a hand in it at some point. Lot of half ass refinishing was done.
    It's got all the parts and they're in great condition, it also runs. But we had to take it apart or at least the guy who got it to run took it apart, so all it needs is to be put back together. What do you think it'll be worth if it needs to be put together? Also thank you so much for getting back to me. I appreciate it.
    Hey, I just created an account on here to ask you a question about my X-90 I'm trying to sell. So, please, if you will, give me a moment and hear me out? I know nothing about them. I have one, it's got black paint and I believe it's a 1974, but I'm unsure. I'm trying to sell it because I need to keep my electricity on while I try to find employment so this is extremely important to me, even though I dread selling a bike that was given to me when I was born. It runs, but I believe it needs some aesthetics like decals and such. So, can you tell me what you think it might be worth on a guesstimate? I'd upload photos if I had any, but it's at my dads house, where it's sat for the last twenty years waiting until I could afford to restore her. So, I've been searching all morning for information, and I ran acrossed this forum where only you seem to know any information at all. So, please get back to me as soon as you can and I'll try to check whenever I'm at a friends house who has internet.
    Just got the engine back from Matt today. You are correct, he does some fantastic work! Now, if I could get my stuff back from the chrome shop, I'd be ready to roll.
    Ask anytime, use this email address: mr_transient@yahoo.com
    Did I send you the link for the service manual?
    The X-90 engine was just picked up by UPS heading to Matt in Ohio. Thanks for the heads up on Sonny.

    I hope you don't mind if I ask you some questions periodically as I'm going restore the rest of the bike myself.
    Thanks for your help! I've never found anyone local who will do zinc plating for that cheap here in Texas. If your shop knows the correct finish, I may just contact them. Is the correct finish for the wheels gold/yellow or silver like the hardware? Who would you recommend for restoring the engine?
    My concern with restoring this bike is lack of information and parts, I've restored several Honda's but they are easy to research.
    I've got some pieces missing and the engine needs overhaul, most of the bike is decent, just a lot of parts that are finished wrong and a few that are broken.
    Instead of posting in the forum, I'll just ask you here. Who would you recommend for plating the wheels?
    It looks like you are the go to guy for x90 questions. I just got a 75 x90, just starting to do some research as I have had one of these before. I'm trying to find out how many of these x90 they made I was told they only made 500 of these. I have everything a pipe which seems to be the hardest part to find. Any info or recommendations are appreciated. Saw some of your posted on parts houses which I am looking to. Thanks
    I am about to restore my childhood X-90 but i am not sure what year it is... do you happen to know the vin # position for the year? or anything else spesific about the vin number?
    No I dont want it. But it seemed like something you might like. I havent seen a Z90
    I have a Harley X90 that I got new when I was 4 years old. My dad would never let me sell it once I was older and I thank him for that! I was wondering if you could maybe help me figure out a problem I'm having. I just got the bike running but the motor runs at full throttle only. I am not using the oil pump any longer. I am just mixing the 2 stroke oil manually. I have tried everything I can think of. Tried the idle, kinks in the cable nothing seems to be wrong. Thank you for your time.

    Dave in
    looks like you are the expert on the x-90! i have a friend who has one in decent shape, has sentimental value for her. she wants it restored and I have been looking online for parts availability and info sources. Bike appears to be mostly complete but chrome and zinc is bad. any idea as to who to send it to or looks simple enough if I had guidance. (i am pretty good with mechanicals, just restored a 66 HD golf cart)
    Thanks if you can help,
    Bill W
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