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  • Hello i just got a trail horse and i need a new rear sprocket. I was wanting to know if you still sold them,also i have the 4in drum on the what would be passenger side is that a problem?
    Hi Yellowhand,

    I saw a couple of years ago you made an intake for a GC160 to Mikuni 22 VM. Do you have one you can sell or can you make one or tell me where I might get one?
    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    I don't know if anyone out there makes or sells an Intek throttle conversion kit. I make all the pieces to convert mine, and have done them several different ways. The best bet is start a thread asking for pics of how other members have done theirs, then copy the one you like best.
    Hey Yellowhand,
    Can you please tell me where you purchased the throttle bracket you used to installed the throttle cable to the B&S Intek 206? I've been trying to get my going but can't seem to get any help.

    Someone said you can turn down a gx270 shaft to 3/4. Where are you located? Also I can have this done locally. What are the specs such as the length of the 3/4 turn down, is it actually 3/4, what size of key way and length of key way, what about the drill and tap size to the end of the shaft?
    Yes, the shaft can be machined to accept a standard clutch. If you're unsure of removing the crank, a small engine shop can do it for you.
    Hi- you were recommend for me to co tact about a Honda GX270 engine. I have one but with a threaded shaft. The engine is brand new. Can this be turned down to 3/4 and keys? Also how hard is the shaft to take out of the block?
    That's a big tire...I'd probably go with a 2:1 reduction on the jackshaft...something like a 24t/12t combo to start with...
    Thanks for the imput on the chains. My specs have changed some due to parts availability. What is your recommendation for 3/4" JS gears between that 1" - 10T clutch, and 'now' a 66T sprocket, turning a new 22" ATV tire?
    (Please bare with me, I'm really just an old musician that loves to ride)
    If it were me, I'd stick with 40/41 chain for two reasons:
    Clutches and sprockets (especially jackshaft sprockets) that would fit your components are plentiful in the 40/41 size, and...
    40/41 is commonly used on bikes with 8hp engines and has proven to be strong enough for the job.
    As for the gearing, that 1:6 ratio of your clutch/sprocket combo needs to be offset by a jackshaft because of the large circumference of the Super Bronc tires. If you measure the rear tire circumference to find the distance the bike will travel with one rotation of the drivetrain, and factor in the 1:6 ratio, at 3600 rpm you're probably going much faster than 35mph. Big tire, big distance travelled with one rotation...
    Hi Yellow Hand,
    Couple Q's for you. #1- Super Bronc Frame: I'm going heavy duty here because I'm hauling a 300 lb. load. I'm using an 8 hp Briggs, 1" shaft, 10T clutch. I have a 60T sprocket. You gave me sprocket No#'s to go JS. What advantage would I gain going to a 420 or 430 chain?
    Q #2: I want hauling and climbing power and 30 or 35 mph is plenty for me. Will I get that going (no JS) straight to the sprocket- 10T to 60T?
    Bill, I haven't seen the new Predator engine yet, and I'm not familiar with HFX1 aluminum, but I would be interested in seeing the specs on the alloy content for it.
    Hi Yellowhand,
    Been alot of talk about the new Predator engines HF is selling. There is alot of confusion about the specs. Would you know offhand what is so special about HFX1 aluminum? Latest flyers from HF bragging about the new Predator states the cylinders are die cast from the HFX1 aluminum. Any insite would be appreciated.
    Bill Ellerby
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