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    My latest build a 1964 Rupp Dart A-Bone

    Decided to go with the iconic Gulf Racing colors.
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    Azusa 4" Wheel & Tire

    4" Azusa wheel looks to be new with a used 4.10/3.50 Cheng Shin tire with plenty of tread and no cracking. The wheel also comes with brand new bearings and a tube. $60.00 O.B.O plus shipping. Thanks
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    Azusa 4" Tri-star wheel

    Thank you for your reply and I may just do that.
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    Azusa 4" Tri-star wheel

    Thank you for the replies. I will be listing the wheel/tire for sale but before I do I question if what I have could be considered Vintage? I ask this because I see the new Azusa wheels have PSI information molded into the wheel casting lip, mine does not. Does anyone know when Azusa started...
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    Azusa 4" Tri-star wheel

    Yes, only one.
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    Azusa 4" Tri-star wheel

    I'm in the process of selling some of my minibike and go kart parts and with this in mind I have a 4" Azusa Tri-star wheel/tire that I can't find any information (availability, etc) on. Plenty of information on 5" and 6" wheels but nothing on 4". Are 4" wheels not common? I've attached a...
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    Clinton 2cycle Panther 500-300

    Appreciation has been a bonus, I'm just happy I bought it when I did (2008), prices for these cars have gone crazy!
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    Clinton 2cycle Panther 500-300

    lowpro, Yes, 1995 C2.
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    WTB: Lil Indian Aluminum Front Wheel

    Getting ready to rebuild a Lil Indian and I"ll need a front wheel. I have the rear wheel, it is a 4" wheel and I believe it's referred to as a Hands wheel (4 spoke). I'd prefer another 4" wheel but would consider a 6".
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    Clinton 2cycle Panther 500-300

    Just finished restoring this pair of 500's. Keep up the good work.
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    Throttle hookup west bend 700’s simplex kart

    Here's another photo.
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    Throttle hookup west bend 700’s simplex kart

    Rob, A simple rigid wire (like a coat hanger) can be fabricated to actuate the throttle lever. I ran a couple WB580's on my MKIV and I ran this type of setup. I no longer own the kart but I was able to find a photo that shows a portion of the setup. I hope this helps.
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    820WB polished up and Frank Moore rebuilt

    Thanks, here are a few more photos.
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    Is it a Lil Indian

    If you could measure your frame/headtube that would be great, just to be sure. Thks