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    Fox Sundowner Upstate NY Here's my Fox Sundowner. It's a pretty neat bike and fun to ride with those big spoked wheels. Still not quite at 100% but I've exhausted my mechanical abilities. A couple issues: Hard to start when engine hot Front forks are...
  2. Governor Post Assembly

    Governor Post Assembly

  3. Engine Left Side

    Engine Left Side

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    Open up internal front springs?

    Will do. Have to see if I can straighten the bars first. Not shown in these photos, but they're bent 10 degrees or so.
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    Open up internal front springs?

    Turns out bottom caps on the upper forks are threaded and just spin off with a pipe wrench. The springs are 12" long by 3/4" diameter and need to be twisted out of each side. I've got a broken piece stuck down in one of the lowers, but going to try the sprinkler head removal tool technique...
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  8. Brake actuator arm

    Brake actuator arm

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    Fox Sundowner?

    Reverse image searched yours and got one with a good look at the forks from user K in JC. I think the forks are original - lots of shots come up with internal springs. Mystery solved, thanks! Here's K in JC's...
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    Suggestions on how to repair this seat ...

    I use HH-66 cement for patching my vinyl skinned kayak but that fabric is coated both sides. Your seat cover will be coated only one side, so a glued patch would be visible on the outside. Would that work?
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    Spline drum break actuator arms

    I have a Fox Sundowner and am missing one drum break actuator arm. The cam pin is splined instead of square like the Rupp cams are. I've seen lots of splined actuators for motorcycle rear drum brakes on ebay but I don't know if they're the same size. Has anyone used a motorcycle drum break...
  12. Fox Sundowner brake cover

    Fox Sundowner brake cover

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    Open up internal front springs?

    I think it is a Fox Sundowner, not much original except the frame:
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    Fox Sundowner?

    I think this is a Fox Sundowner based on pictures I've seen here and elsewhere. Previous owner did a lot of mods on it - 3 sets of foot pegs, really? I'd like to know if the Sundowner came with this style of internal spring forks. All the pics I've seen have external springs.
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    Replacement front end

    There's a guy on youtube who used motovox forks on his custom DB30 build: