clutch cover

  1. F

    Aftermarket Clutch Cover/Guard

    I have a 1973 JCPenney's Duster MX mini bike that I am currently looking for an aftermarket clutch cover for. The cover should look something like the photo you see here. Any information would be helpful! Thanks!
  2. TDB

    DIY predator 212 clutch cover/clutch guard

    I went out for a nice ride after I finished swapping a Predator 212 onto my mini bike and ended up shredding my shoe on the exposed clutch.. no bueno. I looked a little bit online for a clutch cover but I didn't see anything that I really liked the look or the price of, so I thought what the...
  3. Txpete

    Brake drum and strafe for Montgomery wards 424

    Please help me finish my first mini bike restoration. I need a brake drum and non warn Mine is down or rivots) brake band. Also need e clutch cover. I have the bracket it hangs onto. I will pay and buy promptly if you can help me out. Love this site. Pete
  4. L

    Free clutch and chain guard idea

    This is for my 6.5 clone. I've been rattling my brain trying to craft a cover for the ankle burner clutch. Created an account to share my idea. Take the pull start cover off of your old 97cc Remove the internals One "L" bracket in left front of motor mount plate One "L" bracket top...
  5. Biodude

    My Rupp Clutch Cover Rebuild Project

    I bought a 1969 Rupp Goat a while ago and the only flaw it had was a clutch cover that had the center broke out of it. This is somewhat common when the set screws holding the clutch in place on the shaft come loose. One of 2 things happen: Either the clutch itself slides over and grinds against...
  6. D

    6.5 clone diy clutch cover help!

    Hey guys, i need some help with making a custom clutch cover for my 6.5 hp clone. I have all the tools needed just no ideas, any help with ideas or pics would be really appreciated! Thanks:shrug:
  7. C

    WANTED: Doodlebug Clutch Cover

    Looking for the old style clutch cover for a Doodlebug, part #: DB30S-102.
  8. huertagg

    Bird Engineering Minicycle clutch cover Wanted

    It's all in the title. Looking for an original black clutch cover for my Bird Thunderbird minicycle. Gonna start a full resto and that's all I need. I appreciate the help.
  9. B

    Sears Puncher Clutch Cover

    Hello, I just got a Sears Puncher that is all there except for the clutch cover. I will pay top dollar for one and would appreciate any leads or info that will lead me to the cover. I have some parts to trade or will pay. Thanks!
  10. bornintheussr79

    Parts Clutch cover Handlebars Carbs

    Parts lots, don't really know what bikes they came off, please post here if you know. All prices include shipping CONUS Lot# 1 Foldable Handlebars $45 Lot#2 Assorted carburetors $35 Lot#3 Kick stand, and two exhausts $45 Lot#4 Gas tank $45 Lot#5 Clutch cover $59 Lot#6...
  11. D

    ProMod Engine Plate & Clutch Cover - HotRodMinkBike

    There have probably been threads about the ProMod Adjustable Motor Mount and the PMR Clutch Cover before, but I'd like to add a little mini review of my own. Both of these products are available individually or together in a kit with a clutch, along with other mini bike modification products...
  12. T

    anybody selling Baja Clutch cover!?

    need the plastic clutch cover for my hawg ty minibike. should be the same as the warrior and mb165m ect. thanks!
  13. F

    Manco big cat parts

    I just picked up a Manco Big Cat and need a clutch cover. Does anyone know where I could get one of these. Thanks Mike
  14. chatten63

    heald clutch cover

    fiberglass repro heald super bronc clutch cover for the replacement of the plastic covers-vt-8 decals on cover already to mount on and use. $40+shipping from 53184
  15. chatten63

    need pic of super bronc cover

    can anyone tell me if the plastic clutch covers for the super broncs ,later mini bronc and trail broncs had a notch cut out in them ,on the backside by the driven part of clutch or are they origanally a solid piece of plastic? Would anyone have a picture of an original to help ,all the covers...