1. ReapersRide

    Here is another for the WII Crew

    Not sure where I put the rims when I robbed the rubber for my go kart, (yeah those are the ones on front of my avatar) but I am sure there in my garage. Thank You Reaper PS The bars were from my son he wanted bmx bars on the bike.
  2. Stangrcr1

    Build Off voting

    Until Hent and the OldMiniBikes crew can get the forum issues settled, I won't be posting the voting. There are a lot of links in the voting, so I don't want to cause the crew anymore headaches posting the polls. This just gives you more time to look over the builds... :laugh:
  3. gumpit

    Buckeye needs this pit crew to help speed up his builds

    Rebuild a Jeep under 4 minutes - YouTube
  4. J

    minibike 18yr old from central mn joinin the crew

    hey im josh from central mn and i have a minibike that i bought and modified the engine and setup. i really love it and i love building the briggs 5hp motors. simple yet efficient and powerful. i will post pictures later cause i dont have any right now.