1. Bogie83

    Identifying Fenders?

    I just picked up a handful of fenders from a guy locally. Two of them I have no clue what they go to. They are both the same, and look like they’ve never been mounted. They’re fiberglass I believe. Thanks for whatever info you can give me
  2. 20200521_151201.jpg


    A pair of homemade fenders
  3. 20200521_142727.jpg


    Homemade fender being tacked
  4. 20200521_141702.jpg


    Welded homemade fender
  5. 20200521_140254.jpg


    Tacked fender
  6. 20190513_191753.jpg


    Drilling holes in fender.
  7. gwoods27

    WTB - Manco TrailCat Front Fender and front fork plate decal

    Looking for a Front Fender for a (78' I think) Manco TrailCat. Ive got the Chrome Rear one. Also any Decals (Front Fork Plate, Fenders, etc...)
  8. electra_boogaloo

    fender bending?

    so it's come time to mount the fenders on my franken-warrior. i have the original fenders. they're kind of beat up but still solid. i was originally going to cut the fender to make it look cooler but since i've been riding in the yard (and doggo poops) i've decided that instead of trimming the...
  9. capguncowboy

    69 Rupp kickstand and rear fender (nonjackshaft).

    I need them for my son's 69 Sprint. He has a fender right now but it's pretty rusty. Would like one with decent chrome to match the front. Chain cut out should be on the left side We also need a kickstand. I'm not too particular oon the condition since we can refurb it
  10. chrismh

    WTB Fox Sprite rear fender

    I am looking for a rear fender for a 1966 Fox Sprite. Also looking for a ID Tag for a Rupp Dart Cycle. Thanks!
  11. hotrodricky

    Big Bird fat fender front?

    I believe the fender is a Bird front fender and measures 5 & 3/4 wide by 14 heavy sheet metal. Pics upon request. $30 and shipping looks like $13.50 My OldMiniBikes pics don't seem to be working now.
  12. 19honda69

    Trail fender no cracks

    Trail horse/blazer fender no cracks . $35 plus shipping
  13. tbird

    Wanted: Colman 200u front fender

    Does anyone have a front fender for a Colman Trail 200u that they would sell? Just picked one of these up but the front fender was missing.
  14. Woody212

    Bird Falcon/Sears Puncher front fender

    I need a chrome or stainless fender that will fit between the fork tubes on my Falcon. I have just under 4 inches between them. I could make anything work with a max width of 4 inches.
  15. T

    Powerdyne rail chopper rear fender

    Hello. Needing a rear fender for my next project, including the bracket from bottom of seat to fender. I have other brands of parts to trade or cash. Thanks in advance.
  16. dogfoot

    Metal fender ?

    Does anyone know if there are any metal fenders that would fit the Baja 200 ? thanks --- Dog
  17. jeep4me

    Super Bronc VT8 Fender set

    I have a set of fenders off from a VT8 for sale. This set has the wide rear fender and the smaller front fender. Chrome is decent, back fender has some slight damage on one corner along with one extra hole drilled next to the tail light mount. Front fender has two holes drilled at the tail end...
  18. C

    Vt7 front fender

    Looking for a vt7 front fender.
  19. maknwar

    Looking for doodlebug rear fender

    Needing old style, DB30, rear fender. Color doesn't matter.
  20. mrpat

    Looking for a Bonanza BC front fender

    Hola gang, Looking for a Bonanza BC front fender. I would prefer a nice looking one, but would entertain a not so good looking one too. Thank you! Pat