1. chaly spatborden.jpg

    chaly spatborden.jpg

    Honda with chaly fenders. Aka German fenders.
  2. 20200521_140254.jpg


    Tacked fender
  3. 20200521_134629.jpg


    Making fenders
  4. 20190519_144740.jpg


    Fenders and gastank mounted.
  5. 20190513_192713.jpg


    Fenders mounted.
  6. gwoods27

    WTB - Manco TrailCat Front Fender and front fork plate decal

    Looking for a Front Fender for a (78' I think) Manco TrailCat. Ive got the Chrome Rear one. Also any Decals (Front Fork Plate, Fenders, etc...)
  7. er1k5

    Looking for Bonanza 1300 fenders

    Hi I’m looking for some solid Bonanza 1300 fenders.
  8. D

    Db30 fenders

    I have the first db30 it did not have any fenders on it. I hear it had the metal fenders on the original model. Does anyone know where I can buy some? Or will the second gen db30 fenders fit?:scooter: Dan
  9. Rupp_It_Up

    1970 Rupp Parts - NOS Fenders & TC Cover

    Rupp Parts for Roadster, Enduro & Scrambler P/N 15247 Front Fender - $125 + S/H Chrome is in very good condition for being 47 years old. It has some shelf wear & minor rust spots on one side just above the mounting bracket. P/N 15140 Rear Fender - $150 Each + S/H Both fenders are in...
  10. 1970 NOS Rup Parts

    1970 NOS Rup Parts

    Front & Rear Fender & TC Guard
  11. 1970 NOS Rup Parts

    1970 NOS Rup Parts

    Front & Rear Fender & TC Guard
  12. Doodads

    OldMiniBikes WHS Chrome fenders #AZ_1857

    New never used as described pair of OldMiniBikes WHS Chrome fenders #AZ_1857. $11.99 ea plus $7.99 shipping = $31.89. These are packaged and ready to go USPS for $25.00, paypal as a gift please. Please pm with questions/comments per the rules. Thanks for looking :thumbsup::biggrin:
  13. Harquebus

    Baja MB200/ MB165/Warrior Fenders

    Need a set of fenders, front and rear for this thing that followed me home.
  14. manchester1

    Alsport Trike fenders NOS

    I got these fenders in a lot. They are all NOS but some of the tops are gipped up a bit from storage. No cracks or breaks. Listed as per condition. From left to right.....30.00, 40.00, 50.00. All 6 for 100.00. Price is per pair + shipping. Pay pal or postal money order. If you need more...
  15. Alsport


  16. Alsport


  17. james ackerman

    Wtb trail horse fenders or fitable fenders.

    Looking for a set of fenders for a trail horse any condition ok as long as they are not roaches, or if anyone knows of a fenders that will mount up to the brackets for the fenders.
  18. F

    looking for fenders for aggie 97

    Hey y'all, does anybody have or know where I could aquire some original fenders for my aggie 97?
  19. Phil1958

    1 and 1 Half Bonanza Fenders

    These fenders were a test. they were completely covered in rust and were beyond redemption for rechroming or polishing. my powder coater guy cleaned, straightened them out best as possible, and, coated them with his closest powder mix to bonanza blue. it is a bit darker. the half fender was...
  20. hotrodricky

    Trail horse fenders

    I have a pair of decent Trail Horse fenders, one fender has a small repair in the usual spot. $60 plus $13 shipping. Email me for pics. hotrodricky@gmail.com