1. BWX

    Trailmaster MB200-2 Forks (shock)

    Does anyone know if they (fork shocks) have oil? They feel like it, but have not taken them apart yet.
  2. MB200-2


  3. MB200-2


  4. C

    Success w/ NR Racing Exhaust on MB200-2

    Just wanted to post up a happy coincidence. I had purchased a Stage 3 setup from NR Racing for the CT200u. I ordered the "mini bike downdraft style" header hoping it would work on the Coleman (no luck). But it fit like it was made for the MB200-2. A lot more clearance at your leg than the stock...
  5. C

    The MB200-2 Arrived

    Just a few photos of the MB200-2 that showed up Wednesday.:punk: