1. Arrowdog

    Briggs model 91020 3.5hp blower housing with recoil mechanism

    Here is a piece I no longer plan to use in the near future. The blower housing in very nice condition, almost rust free, no dents, except a very miniscule nick at the top edge. All stickers are still there and it comes with a great working recoil mechanism and the starter cup and screen which...
  2. D

    Boonie brake mechanism

    I picked up a nice boonie from Jeep. I'm installing a predator with a tav. I would like to reuse the rear brake. With the tav I have to flip the rear tire. Will the brake mechanism work properly with it flipped and the lever moved accordingly?
  3. 2SlickNick

    Cam decompression mechanism

    Hey guys, I recently pulled the gov on my 6.5hp clone. Put everything back together reset valve lash at TDC. Occasionally now on about every 3rd pull, the pull cord is pulling back; hard..... Once started it runs as it should. I have read this it the compression relief mechanism...
  4. P

    Gemini Shift mechanism

    I'm having trouble on a 1973(?) Gemini 80. Looks like someone ran it while the shift mechanism loosened up. The stopper pin that connects with the cam plate is gone, But my real problem is how to get the return spring back onto the shift lever. The previous owner disassembled it so I'm not...
  5. D

    HF Predator Engine Question?

    Does the engine come with a throttle return mechanism installed? Or do you have to install one? What about a throttle return spring? Thank you!