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  2. TorontoTim

    1973 Honda ST90 - doesn't seem to shift at higher RPM

    I've only ridden one of these things for perhaps 10 minutes total, so bear with me if I ask some dumb questions. Got one of these 3 speed 'semi-automatic' ST90's the other day. 3 down, neutral up. It doesn't seem to want to shift gears unless the RPM's are down a bit. I'm cruising along...
  3. rugerthedog

    Lifan 125 engine stuck in neutral

    Have about 100 miles on a Lifan (Z-Star) engine in a 73 SL-70. While out on a road trip was down shifting, coming to a stop. Bike went into neutral and will not shift out, up nor down. Big Rob and I switched the engine out today, thankfully I have lots of good help, but has anyone experienced...