1. Cat R4010

    Cat R4010

  2. mrpat

    Cat Endura R4010 - (and the R is for Rare)

    Saw this on Ebay and thought someone might be interested. Looks too cool! Cat Endura Mini Bike ( Rare) Barn Find Bonanza Rupp Taco Lil indian Tecumseh 4hp | eBay
  3. slywilliez

    FS HPE CAT Endura R4010 WOW

    Up for sale is the unicorn of HPE CAT endure R410. This is a complete roller sporting the original Red fiber glass body. The bike has no reweld and the fork have no bends at all. The motor plate slots have been extended and the will need repaired. The bike has a coffin cat tank under the red...
  4. slywilliez

    My new Cat Endura find R4010

    This is one of my latest CL finds. It is a very rare and hard to find Cat Endura R4010. The bike is a very nice roller but at some point someone thought they can make it look better. The chrome on the wheels, bars and forks looks to be good under the paint. Let me know what you think. :scooter:
  5. Casey Davis

    Cat R4010 Deluxe Fiberglass Seat Tank

    I am looking for what HPE/Muskin called a "Deluxe Fiberglass Seat Tank" for the Cat R4010 model. Basically a fiberglass "bolt on" body that attached to the frame. Most any condition will do. They are not common and I already know it is a long shot. See attached pic below. Thanks, cd
  6. tomsprops

    Cat Endura R4010

    This is a project that I've been working on for a little while . All I really had to do with this one is replace the bent rims with some from my Stash and tune-N-tweek out the Bug's . I've never seen another one ? Have you ? I think it might be an original pit bike for Huskavarna ? But I can't...