1. Dr. Shop Teacher

    The Windber Orange Flyer--Courtesy Posting of Rules and Requests by the Milhakos

    A poster had asked about the orange flyer. I've attached it below. Trikes are probably a phone call to Jeff. The rules say no "three wheelers on the grounds," so I guess that's subject to interpretation by the host. If you can't see the flyer (I had to jpeg it as a pdf wouldn't work), pm me with...
  2. jays0n

    Wife requests a Doodlebug trike, suggestions?

    So my wife is watching me rebuild a doodlebug with a clone and some upgrade parts, of course she wants her own to goof around with but she requested it be a trike if I can make that happen. I have the engine swap, jackshaft and other upgrade stuff handled, just trying to put together in my head...