1. benelli180

    Benelli Dynamo Sidehack Sidecar on Ebay

    I have a Benelli Dynamo Sidehack Sidecar with all factory accessories on Ebay now. Best wishes. Benelli Dynamo with Side Hack | eBay
  2. J

    mini sidehack project

    I have a manco thunderbird with a 212cc predator. I have been thinking about fabricating a sidehack for it so my son can ride with me. I need recommendations on new motor and a brake setup capable of pulling down 400 lbs. The 212 is no slouch as it will toss me if im not careful. Do you...
  3. M

    kawasaki coyote sidehack racer

    5 horse honda , runs good needs new front and rear tires and tubes , (slow leaks and old age cracks in sides) but still rideable300 or trade for taco 100 frame