2 hp engine

Hi guys new to forum and posted in the off topic, i found a Forall bike/scooter not sure which but from what I can find it calls for a 2hp Tecumseh engine. Did they make a engine this size back in the 50's. The engine is missing so I really don't where to start Thanks Ron


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Lauson (later bought out by Tecumseh) made an H20 and an H22 in the late 50s and early 60s. I've seen a few for sale in the past couple of years so they are out there. I just don't know where at the moment.
I would restore it and slap a 4 or 5 horse on it so you can enjoy it while looking for a 2 hp. Nothing else restore a 2 hp and sit it aside.


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20141024_142018.jpg 20141024_142006.jpg

Here's a couple of pictures of a NOS 2.2 I saw a few years ago. Unfortunately I did not buy it ($40) though. I'm guessing this is 1962?
That sure looks like what I need from the pics I found and going to post on the classified and see if someone has one I just hate to modify it.