2017 Build Off at an end.....

As of midnight EST the build off officially closed. First I want to take the time to thank [MENTION=1]Hent[/MENTION], Vicki and everyone at OldMiniBikes that made this possible and supported it. I also wanna thank [MENTION=31471]mrpat[/MENTION] for being my partner in crime the last two years in running this show. Without his help...I probably would have just dropped everyone...LMAO. And last but not least...I wanna thank all that participated this year and last year. You have all made this a pretty smooth and fun trip to be on. With the loyal support of most...and few grumblings of others...I wouldn't have changed it for the world. This just proves whether you finish the builds...or not...there are many talented individuals on here. It has always amazed me the amount of skill and talent this forum has on it...and the amount of fun it is to be involved as a participant or a mod. Thanks, Bill
I also would like to Thank Hent, Vicki and everyone at OldMiniBikes not to mention cheezy1 and mrpat for putting this on for all of us to participate in. Also, Thank you to my fellow builders.
I thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed building and I enjoyed following other builds. It made the last 5 months fly by.
Thanks again to everyone that dedicated their time and effort for this contest.
This has been a great build off year. Thank you to all the people involved with making this event possible. (this includes management, participants, and people just posting comments). This has been my 4th year in a row participating in the build off and I truly enjoy it. I still can't believe how many talented individuals we have on this forum and how many people willing to help each other out.
[MENTION=9664]cheezy1[/MENTION], thanks for keeping me in check this year. There was an incident where I was whacking everyone in the event for not having their update "on time", and he talked me down. :laugh:

What's up next you ask? Well we ( me and bill) are compiling the list of completed projects and should have the polls open for voting Sunday some time. The polls will be open for voting for 7 days.